The Newfoundland and Labrador oil and gas industry is made up of a diverse team that is passionate about safety, the environment and their communities. The purpose of We Are NL Offshore is to give you a closer look at the local oil and gas industry and the people that make it happen.

Woman in diving gear in an indoor pool for survival training

TrainingBasic Survival Training Closeup

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Ocean vessel with storage containers on the deck

SeismicWhat Is Seismic Surveying?

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Two ocean vessels with an oil boom on the water between them

Spill ResponseOil Spill Response: Part 1

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Woman playing violin along with a man playing the cello with children looking on

Community InvolvementBringing Music to the Masses

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Woman wearing a hard hat with a lifeboat in the background

ProfileMeet Sarah Barnes: Emergency Management Advisor

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Man playing guitar and singing with a drummer

Offshore LifeLife on Hebron

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